De-stress With Music

Are you worried about buying the “correct” gifts?  Are you frustrated because of all the pandemic restrictions? You may be bored, lonely, worried, or depressed. Take some time to relax with calming music.  When you are relaxed by the music, beta-endorphins are released, affecting all your cells and allowing your body to heal itself. Try a little visualization. Put your problems (challenges) in an imaginary balloon and let it go up into the universe. You can get it back if you really want it! Say to yourself, “I release this challenge into the universe. Things will be better in a few months.” As you listen to the music, let the vibrations of the music carry your stressful challenges away. Now, take three deep breaths. Let your stomach expand to make room for the air as you take the air into your lungs.  Breathe out slowly; feel the air on your lips as you exhale. Breathe with the rhythm of the music. Now, just relax and enjoy the music for a few minutes. You will be receiving answers subconsciously, even if you aren’t aware of this. This will accomplish more than trying too hard to figure out solutions to your challenges!

Select Your Music for Relaxation

Some ideal relaxation music for me would be by a  harpist, cellist,  flutist or chanting .When you choose your music for relaxation, make it what you enjoy and love, not what someone told you was the “correct” music to play for a certain disorder or state of mind. What song makes you remember a time when you were totally relaxed? Start a collection of those songs for your de-stress time. Soon you’ll know which ones work best for helping you reach a state of relaxation and peace. After a while, you will build up a habit whereby your relaxation music will get you to the quiet time sooner and sooner. Your brain will build connectors and make the association between your special music and your time to relax.
If you love some of the Christmas music, use that.  If you’re tired of hearing it everywhere, choose something entirely different.

Use Upbeat Music to Beat the Blues

Many people get depressed during the holidays.  This holiday is different, and you face challenges that weren’t there last Christmas. You can use music to get out of  blues, too.  Choose music with a faster tempo and a fun rhythm – something that will make you want to tap your toes or swing.  Some of the Christmas music is like this, as well as any of your favorite songs.  Let the music lift you up, and take you to a lighter place.

Buy Fewer Gifts and Donate Instead

Christmas is a time for joy, and music can help you enjoy the holidays. Even though you may be connecting with others virtually instead of in person, count your blessings. If you have enough food and clothing, donate to a charity to help those who are in need. This can be in place of many unnecessary presents.

Check out some relaxing harp music for yourself or for gifts.