“My daughter began taking her first piano lessons from Sally and has blossomed into a very confident pianist who can now play Fur Elise!”

“The wonderful thing about Sally is that she was not intimidating and was very encouraging right off the bat so that my daughter felt very comfortable learning new material and was enthusiastic about playing in recitals.”
Janet Tight

Piano and Harp lessons with Sally Fletcher

     —located in Windsor, Sonoma County, California

Do you, or does your child, feel drawn to play an instrument and long to experience the wonder of making music? Or, do you already play and wish to enhance your techniques or abiliity to interpret music in original ways?

Learning to play the harp or piano is one of the best things you can do for yourself or your child.

Learning to play a musical instrument is enjoyable, relaxing, and increases your intelligence. It has been shown in research that more parts of the brain are active while one reads and plays music than during any other activity. Studies also show that students learning music consistently outperform their peers on SAT and intelligence tests, demonstrate better memory retention and a better performance generally in school. Many experience enhanced ability to learn languages and mathematics, as well. In addition, music has been demonstrated to enhance the body’s natural relaxation and healing processes.

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“When it came time for my daughter to learn an instrument for school, we decided to go with a harp because it is hard to make a harp sound bad or annoying (and they make such beautiful music when played well).”

So far the decision to go with a harp has been a brilliant decision! Luckily we also found Sally, who has been a wonderful, patient and kind instructor for our 7 year old…”

“If you need an instructor or a performer I’d highly recommend Sally.”
Kim Salinger