Use Music to Reduce Stress

Stress causes and exacerbates at least 80% of our illnesses and problems. Would you like to reduce your anxiety, irritability and stress? Experiment with various forms of music to help you unwind. Of course, relaxation isn’t the main purpose of music. Sometimes music will energize you, excite you, move you to tears, create suspense, put you in touch with your sadness, or expand your consciousness. However, this article is focused on music as a tool for relaxation.

How to Choose Your Music for Relaxation

When you select your music for relaxation, make it what you love and enjoy, not particularly what someone told you was the “correct” music for a certain disorder or state of mind. What songs makes you remember a time when you were totally relaxed? Start a collection of those songs for your de-stress time. Soon you’ll know which ones help you reach a state of relaxation and peace.
For me, the most relaxing types of music are harp, cello or chanting. You may like other instruments, such as guitar, saxophone, violin or piano. Experiment until you find your ideal “stress reduction music.” Another way to calm down is to listen to or play quiet, rhythmical drumbeats. Your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and entire metabolism will soon synchronize with the slow, repetitive beat.

Music, Like Life, is Dis-harmony then Harmony

Think of stress as dis-harmony or dissonance. Remember that life is about dissonance, then harmony. Music is also about dissonance, then harmony, resolving chords and melodies, “coming home” to the basic key. When the music is harmonious, you are also in harmony – at peace. Music can lower your metabolism, brighten your mood, and eradicate stress or dis-harmony.

Take Some Quiet Time with Music Each Day

Plan a time each day, maybe before bed or in the middle of the day, to get in a comfortable position and listen to your “relaxation music.” After a while the music will get you to the quiet time sooner and sooner. Your brain will build connectors and make the association between your special music and your time to relax. My CD’s are available at Amazon.  Listen to some samples of my harp music for ideas.
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