The Invisible Vibrations of Music Affect Your Body and Mind

Have you ever had a change of mood because of hearing certain music? Each combination of sound waves (harmony) will change the electrical activity of your brain and your general metabolism. If you don’t believe this, watch the strings of a harp or violin after they’ve been plucked.

Everything in existence – atoms, molecules, the entire universe, and yes, music – is in a constant state of continuous vibration.

Some Ways to Control Vibration Using Music

– Rhythm and Tempo  (fast, slow, waltz, 4/4)
– Pulse (accent)
– Melody (tune)
– Pitch (high, low)
– Harmony (simple, jazz, dissonant)
– Different Instruments (timbre)

All this has an effect upon your aura or state of being.

You can’t see the sound waves or vibrations unless you intentionally measure their speed with a mechanical tuner. The speed is calculated in numbers, or hertz. Hertz is the term used for cycles per second of sound waves.

Choose Music to Control Your Energy Field

– For exercise, listen to music that is fast, 130-150 beats per minute.
– For energy in your day to day activities, use upbeat music that is 80-100 beats per minute & higher in pitch.
– For slowing down & relaxation, listen to music that is 60-80 beats per minute, mellow, deep and repetitive.
– For meditation, use music even slower than 60 beats per minute. A single mellow instrument like harp, cello or crystal bells with no recognizable melody is ideal.

Listen to some samples of calming music, “Serenity from the Harp.”