Music Overrides Our Sense of Boredom and Fatigue

When exercising, listen to music with a moderately high pitch and fast tempo. Your brain, heart and entire metabolism will get in sync with the music. Listening to music competes for your brain’s attention, which drowns out signals of fatigue and boredom.  You may be a little tired and want to stop exercising, but the music will give you a nudge to keep going.

Exciting Music Improves Exercise

Music at a tempo of 125-145 beats per minute will help wake you up and keep you moving as you exercise. French horn, trumpet, and all brass instruments are good for giving you energy, increasing your endurance – as well as elevating your mood. Choose whatever music is exciting for you. Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., says “Music is like a legal drug for athletes.”

Music for Exercise Goes Back to 300 B.C. or Earlier

Imagine the rowers on the Roman Galleys. Someone is beating on a drum and the rowers are going along with the beat of the drum. The brain naturally wants to follow the rhythm.

Three Ways Music Helps You Exercise

1. It’s natural to move in time with the sound. You synchronize with the music.

2. Music makes us want to get up and move.

3. The music can override any discomfort or boredom while exercising.