Music Engages people in Ways that Words Can’t.

Music, whether listening or performing, has qualities that allow us to express ourselves in a non-verbal way. Often we are at a “loss for words” and can’t seem to describe our experiences. When emotions are pent up or withheld, this leads to stress. The stress can lead to tension in your muscle groups, neck, back, shoulder, and jaws. Hanging on to feelings can lead to psychosomatic illnesses like headaches, high blood pressure, asthma, depression and cardiac problems.

Music Stimulates Brain Regions Related to Feelings.

Along comes music, which takes us to another place – where it’s acceptable to feel anger, sadness or happiness in the music. Music has the power to move us by activating deep-seated brain regions that are used to process emotion. The brain regions stimulated by euphoric stimuli like food, sex and love also light up when we listen to music. Blood flow in the brain rises and falls along with the music in areas associated with reward, emotion and arousal.

Allow Music to Get Rid of Inhibitions and Let Out Withheld Emotions.

Choose whatever music appeals to you, and let yourself “get lost” in the music. Since music can be pleasurable, cathartic, and meaningful , allow your emotions to surface. Maybe you can find words to express your feelings or maybe you can simply be aware of the pent-up feelings. Either way you will be giving your emotional and physical health a big boost.

Listen to some samples of relaxing harp music for a start.