Music Healing and Harmony Book

Biography of Sally Fletcher
Sally Fletcher has known since she was four years old that she was meant to be a musician. She has forgotten this from time to time (sometimes for several years!), but always returns to her first love – music.

Sally had epileptic seizures for many years – the result of a concussion from an ice skating fall. She couldn’t undo the skating accident, and since medication didn’t work for her, she found other options. Her book, The Challenge of Epilepsy, describes the various methods that helped her.

She knows from experience what it is like to be diagnosed with a supposedly incurable disorder. However, she has been seizure-free with no medication for 18 years. You can learn more about how Sally learned to live without seizures by clicking on the above link. If you would like to go directly to the order page for her book, click HERE.

“As a person who struggles with chronic pain, I have learned that the right kind of music can have
tremendous healing power.

I benefited greatly from the relaxation and peace of Sally’s exquisite harp music.”

Elizabeth Watts

MUSIC Healing and Harmony Book

Sally Fletcher, expert harpist, explains how to choose specific music for a wide variety of conditions and states of mind. The right music can aid healing, change your mood, reduce pain, help you sleep, improve your love life, increase your intelligence, help you relax, and lift you up spiritually. Music, Healing and Harmony is filled with research and fascinating stories. Available at Amazon
This book explains how music can aid healing, change your mood, reduce pain, help you sleep, improve your love life, increase your intelligence, help you relax, and lift you up spiritually. You will learn how to choose specific music for a wide variety of conditions and states of mind. The book is filled with research and fascinating stories, and is an excellent resource for learning about music therapy.

Music and Healing
Music is used for entertainment and enjoyment; it is also a vital food which can nourish our minds and bodies. Great music, carefully selected, can change our moods, energize us, calm us, improve our mental focus, lift us up spiritually, and help us become more healthy. Music has a direct effect on the EEG (brain wave activity). It can be used as a stimulant, energizing and quickening the brain activity, helping us to focus and think more clearly, or it can help us to relax and ease tension, equalizing the brain waves. Music can promote balance in the personality.

We are surrounded by music. The universe is a complete harmony of many sounds – many lives, interacting and vibrating together as they fill the silence. All this energy can end up as harmony or as noisy discord. The music we choose to listen to contributes to our energy. Music attunes us to powerful waves of life energy and to the unfathomable Source of all Good.

Music has been shown to lower blood pressure, basal metabolism and respiration rates. Music increases the production of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins help to promote pleasure, reduce pain, speed healing, reduce infection, and control heart rate. Music is often used in drug and alcohol detoxification, as an aid to those Sally plays for baby Nicole with learning disabilities, with Alzheimer’s patients, as well as the chronically or temporarily ill, the injured, and the dying. The music of the harp relaxes the mind and body, which aids medical treatment and enhances self-healing.

Sally often plays either her large concert harp or a small harp in nurseries, retirement- and assisted-living homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospice. To inquire about this service, please call Sally at 707-981-1550, or send an e-mail to

The cells of your body respond to music. Of course, we process music by auditory function with our ears, but also by body absorption. There is practically no other human cultural activity which is so pervasive and which reaches into, shapes and often controls so much of human behavior with invisible vibrations. Since we cannot see the vibrations of sound, it is difficult to explain how that energy is capable of changing matter, including the electrical activity of the brain. Listening to and/or performing music activate more parts of the brain, both left and right, than any other activity.

You are unique, and you will probably find yourself drawn to certain pieces. Listen to that music whenever you feel like it, over and over. Trust your intuition; you are the ultimate guide and healer.


Healing, Relaxing Music on CD
Sally has recorded three special CDs of healing, relaxing music. Healing from the Harp and Hymns For Healing are full of familiar and beautiful melodies which she has found to be especially positive and healing. Each track is crafted to caress your soul and bathe you in refreshment and health. Serenity from the Harp was created by Sally from ancient modes to put you in a peaceful, tranquil state. These CDs are available at

Music & Healing around the Web

MoonShadow Harp and Sound Therapy Lynda Kuckenbrod (located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania) is a Certified Healthcare Musician, a Vibro~Acoustic Harp Therapy Practitioner, Certified Holistic Sound Healer, Recording Artist, Speaker and Author, who offers healing music for nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice. She offers a meditative CD with Harp and Singing Crystal Bowls. called Indigo, which is available as an MP3 download at this link, via Amazon.

Lynda is the director of the Therapy Harp Training Program which trains and certifies bedside musicians. Music Healing and Harmony is required reading for all the students in this course as a comprehensive overview of the healing power of sound, and this book has been a great success in helping to train the students.

The Mozart Effect is a phenomenal music healing resource, very well known in the field of music therapy. At this link you can purchase the classic three-volume collection of music, and experience the Mozart Effect for yourself.

While it’s true that scientists debate the effects of Mozart and other classical music on the brain, the body of empircal experiences reported by listeners also speaks for itself. Many attribute their direct experience of results such as enhanced function, relaxation, mental and emotional well being, and increased creativity to this kind of music.

Here’s a link to an interesting article that explores some of the scientific debate on the Mozart Effect, and also concludes that in some cases of epilepsy, at least, the beneficial effects are measurable and very real. Article: The Mozart Effect

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