Listen to Music and Observe Art for Healing

When you’re enjoying music and/or looking at breathtaking art, your brain produces more endorphins and dopamine (the “feel-good” brain chemicals). These chemicals reduce stress which reduces illness and pain.

How Do We Define Music and Art?

The dictionary defines music as “a composition of rhythmical, melodic, harmonic sounds.” Goethe called architecture “petrified music.” Music is composed of vibrations which merge with the vibrations of the universe. I call music “a beautiful miracle.”
The dictionary defines art as “the production of something beautiful or extraordinary.”
Music and Art Can Take You to Another World

I often play my harp in a hospital waiting room, where families and friends are waiting for a loved one. A frequent comment I hear is, “Thank you. The music took my mind away from my intense worry and sadness for a while.” Naming a song, feeling the rhythm, melody and harmony does wonders for changing the mood. Taking your mind off problems or pain can be one of the biggest benefits of music and art. Listen to music, observe art and take in beauty. You have a powerful tool for healing available to you at little or no cost – your ears and your eyes.