“That’s Music to my Ears”
We often associate music with happiness, good news and joy. Have you used the phrase, “That’s music to my ears”  when you got a compliment, even though you weren’t really hearing music?  Music sets the mood for any occasion, and certain songs bring back memories. Do you feel young again when you hear a song that was popular in your teenage years? Put on some of your favorite old songs to help you go back in time for a little while.

Listen to Brighter, Happier Music for a Better Mood.
The next time you’re in a bad mood and have no energy try listening to some upbeat music that you enjoy, music that makes you feel like dancing or singing. Soon your brain waves, heartbeat, blood flow – your whole metabolism will be in synch with the music. You’ll have more energy and you’ll be enhancing your health, well-being, spirituality, mood and energy.

Music in Movies and TV is Chosen to Evoke a Certain Mood.
For many movies the music is more memorable than the dialogue and scenes.  Pay attention to the music playing in the background the next time you watch a movie or show. The music sets the mood. I sometimes have someone come up to me after I perform and ask the name of a piece – and what movie it was in. The music and the movie are woven together. Puccini’s Musetta’s Waltz was in the movie Moonstruck, and the music often makes someone remember the movie.  https://heavenlyharpist.com/ClassicalFavorites/10MusettasWaltz.mp3   This piece is from my CD, “Classical Favorites from the Harp.”

You can set the mood for your own life story with your choice of music.

Music Has a Way of Saying “My Life Has Meaning.”
French composer Olivier Messiaen spent several years in a German prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. While there, he finished composing a piece of music, “Quartet for the End of Time.” He and three other imprisoned musicians performed the quartet for piano, cello, violin and clarinet for the other inmates and the guards of that camp. It’s hard to imagine why he would want to bother composing music when he was in pain, hungry, not knowing whether he would survive. But music, visual art and poetry has been created in situations like this, perhaps to take away the pain and to say, “I am alive.”  Music is a part of the human spirit, a part of survival, and is sometimes the best way to express who we are.

Celebrate your life, listen to music that lifts your spirits and makes you thankful for your life.