Senior Citizen Benefits from Playing the Harp

Fran, a vibrant, curious woman, learned to play the harp as a senior citizen.  She began harp lessons with me in her 80’s.  Her husband had passed away, her mother was very ill and not expected to live much longer, so Fran had a lot to deal with at that time.  She was watching a TV show one afternoon, and became fascinated by a particular story.

Harp music helped muscular dystrophy

On the show was a young woman with two small children. The mother had such a severe case of muscular dystrophy that she was almost helpless.  The mother told her husband to take the children and leave so that he didn’t have to care for her. The husband refused to leave her, and stayed.  According to the story, one day a man came to the young woman’s door with a harp.  He had come to play music for her and to teach her the harp.    The harp music improved her health to the extent that she now runs and plays with her children.  The doctors couldn’t explain why she had such a startling recovery. She believes it was the vibrations of the harp as it touched her body, sending healing energy.  The harp rests on the right shoulder and upper part of the body.

Disease or Pain Often Goes Away When Playing the Harp

There have been many cases of disease or pain going into remission from playing the harp.  Fran has been playing the harp for many years, and says it’s one of her most enjoyable and relaxing activities. She had arthritis when she began learning the harp, and found that the arthritis regressed each time she began playing.

Experience the Benefits of Harp Music No Matter What Your Age

Whether you’re eight or eighty, playing the harp can be healing.  Find a harp store near you, and rent a small harp at first to see if this is something you want.