Yay! Vaccines for Covid-19 have been approved for emergency use! I don’t have to remind you that all the restrictions and isolation have been challenging. It will be several months before we are back to “somewhat” normal, but the end is in sight. It’s tempting to stop wearing a mask every time we go out. We want to get together with family and friends, pretending that it’s safe. Guess what – the chances of getting infected are just as likely now as ever. Be patient.
Discouragement sometimes makes us stop just short of victory. Think of a runner giving up in those final steps of the race, or someone sitting down when they’re almost at the top of a hill. If they just looked ahead, they would see that the top of the hill wasn’t far ahead. We don’t stop just because we can see the top. We continue because we see success, and we have hope. Remember that last semester before you got a college degree, published a book, saved enough money to buy a house, or got the job you wanted. Think about how you would feel if you were a silent or asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19, and you passed it on to someone else. That person was hospitalized, had a very rough time or even died. What if you became ill, and had lingering symptoms for months, just about the time you were eligible to be vaccinated.
So, for now wear a mask, stay home as much as you can. Deal with the boredom and frustration day by day. There are many who don’t even have enough to eat, so donate to help if you can. It’s easier now that we know there’s hope.
The reality is that we’ll never “be there” completely, and we’ll always be “almost there” in everything we do. It’s all about the journey.