1. Make a worry list. Put the list in an imaginary balloon and release it. (Don’t worry, you can get it back in the morning if you still want it!)
  2. Curl your toes up then relax them.
  3. Establish a ritual, so your brain and body knows it’s time to sleep. It might be washing your face, brushing your teeth, 5-10 minutes of yoga or other stretching, listening to your favorite relaxing music. A good example of relaxing music is Serenity from the Harp. You can also find this CD at
  4. Avoid alcohol or caffeine for several hours before bedtime – 3 hours for alcohol and up to 12 hours for caffeine.
  5. Choose a regular waking time and bed time. Even on the weekends, try to keep the routine at least approximately the same.
  6. Roll your eyes upward for a few seconds, then relax them.
  7. Do some slow deep breaths. Count as you inhale and exhale – any number you choose.

Do you have some tips for sleeping better? Please let me know.