~Heavenly Music for Earthly Events~

Sally Fletcher is a professional musician: harpist, organist, pianist and teacher. She has recorded eight CDs of harp music and two CD’s of organ music. All her CDs can be found at Amazon, CD Baby or your favorite digital outlet. She has also been a neurofeedback therapist and yoga instructor, but no matter what her career or circumstances she always returns to music. Today she spends her time as a performer and teacher of music. Sally is fascinated by the research that shows physical and behavioral results from music – the happenings between the brain, body and music. She loves to share her music, which is healing, inspiring and beautiful.
Sally Fletcher offers a wide variety of music played on the harp:
Classical  •  Popular  •  Show Tunes  •  Folk Music  •  Celtic  •  Improvisation  •  Religious and Inspirational

She enjoys playing the best music from every style, adding her own interpretation. Born into a musical family, she began playing piano at the age of five. From there she learned the harp and many other instruments, including the Pipe Organ—see below for her two latest CDs, featuring the inspiring music of the Pipe Organ–Sally’s harp music emanates warmth, beauty and healing.

Sally’s delightful music will entice you away from worldly cares. She offers a masterful harp repertoire, with a personal grasp of music’s healing qualities.

Sally is available as a professional harpist, organist or pianist for weddings, special events, and care facilities in Northern California, including Sonoma County and Marin.
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Thanks for making our big day dreamy and beautiful. We sure know who to call the next time we need a fabulous harpist! We received many, many compliments
Kristen and Marcus Tyler

The final touch of elegance for weddings, receptions, banquets, corporate events, art shows, baby showers, memorial services, club events, open houses, parties, engagements, grand openings, and birthdays.

Healing from the harp

Healing from the harp CD    …Available on Amazon 
and your favorite digital outlet like iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsidy, etc.

The healing vibrations will make you feel like you’ve had a brain massage. Every piece is carefully created to generate positive… read more and listen

MUSIC Healing and Harmony Book

Sally Fletcher, expert harpist, explains how to choose specific music for a wide variety of conditions and states of mind. The right music… read more


Organ Masterpieces CD

This spine-tingling pipe organ music covers a wonderful range of composers, timbres and emotions. Buxtehude… read more and listen

Hymns for Healing CD

These carefully selected hymns will awaken you spiritually.  Music is one of the most powerful ways to be connected with God and the universe. The… read more and listen


Serenity from the Harp CD

Over 60 minutes of peaceful, soothing music for massage, meditation, yoga or general relaxation… read more and listen

Soothing Lullabies from the Harp CD

This CD is also a wonderful gift for baby showers and church nurseries. Singing along with these lullabies can grow… read more and listen

Classical Favorites from the Harp CD

Almost one full hour of the music we all love. You will find several of your favorites in this CD, lifting you beyond the daily rush… read more and listen

Wedding Magic CD

Favorite Wedding Ceremony Songs to help you plan your wedding … read more and listen

Angels Awakening CD

This enduring harp music was recorded at Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ Studio in CA. You’ll find yourself humming
along, breathing slower and… read more and listen

Magnificent Organ Solos CD

Listening to this glorious music you will know why the pipe organ is called the “King of Instruments.”…. read more and listen

A Christmas Miracle CD

Set the mood for Christmas with this enchanting collection of favorite Christmas carols and songs. The angelic sounds of the harp strings are perfect for promoting peace, love and good will… read more and listen

The Challenge of Epilepsy Book

Complementary and Alternative Solutions. Learn how to control & reduce seizures. …. read more