Music is Organized Vibration

Have you ever had a change of mood – felt completely different when you heard certain music?  You were absorbing the invisible vibrations of sound, and that affected the cells of your body.  Each tiny vibrating atom or combination of sound waves (harmony) will change matter, including the electrical activity of the brain and body.  This is quantum physics.   I use the term Quantum Harmony when referring to the effects of music on our state of being.  Music is really organized vibration.

Your own vibrations (brain waves, heartbeat, breath) eventually get in sync or “entrained” with the wave lengths of the music.  This is why your favorite music makes you relaxed, nostalgic, energized or happy, depending upon what music you choose.  Oriental healers describe this as “getting in balance,” since they say that a sick person is “out of balance.”

Sounds send messages to the brain, and the brain sends messages throughout the body. This can dramatically change the EEG (brain wave patterns), heart rate, hormonal level, and state of consciousness.

The Music of the Spheres Really Exists

Sound exists whether we can hear it or not.  Even the sounds emitted by rotating planets and opening roses can be heard when amplified.  Our universe seems to be held together by sound (organized vibration) in all its various pitches and tones. Science has finally proven that the “music of the spheres” really does exist.

Vibrations from Harp Music are Healing

Since ordered vibration (sound) holds our bodies together, any invasion of this order will have some effect, whether neutral, positive or negative. Sometimes we are annoyed by a sound, but can’t explain why. The reason may be that the vibrations are disoriented or dissonant.  The vibrations from a harp seem to be especially powerful for changing our energy. There have been many cases of disease or pain going into remission from playing or listening to harp music.

Everything in the Universe is in a State of Vibration

Everything in existence — atoms, molecules, cells, human beings, the entire universe and, yes, music — is in a state of continuous vibration.  Everything vibrates at a particular frequency.  Speaking, laughter and even silence produce vibrations.We have the power to manipulate and control energy through the vibrations of music.  You can’t see the sound waves or vibrations traveling through air unless you intentionally measure the speed of the sound waves with a mechanical tuner and calculate that speed in numbers or hertz.  (Hertz is the term used for cycles per second of sound waves.)

We Like Music that Matches our Energy

We are drawn to the type of music that has rhythms, pitches and frequencies similar to our own. Teenagers, much to the dismay of their parents, seem drawn to loud music that is full of energy and disharmony and has a strong beat. Teenagers themselves, with their raging hormones, are full of nervous energy.  Therapists, teachers and parents may be able to calm teenagers by first playing music the teenager prefers, then gradually switching to more peaceful music.  (Notice that I used the words may be able to calm teenagers.)

Choose your Music to Match the Vibration you Want

I invite you to be aware of the music you hear or perform.  What do you need?  When you want to relax, simply listen to relaxing music.  If you need some energy, listen to more lively music.  When you want to study or concentrate, listen to music that has clarity and elegance.  Let me know how you use music to change your mood or energy level.