Getting Closer To Your Spirituality
The most direct way to get in touch with your spirituality is through music. Artists often picture angels playing on harps, and music is called “the celestial art.” Beautiful, soothing, healing music can appeal to the soul. This “soul music” is sometimes referred to as the music of the angels and can connect you to cosmic consciousness or perhaps spiritual perfection.

Music Helps You Feel At One With the Creator
Certain music can give you an inner thrill. You feel at one with the Creator, inspired and illuminated. When you discover music that helps you get to this state, listen to it over and over. Playing soulful music quietly as you go to sleep will enhance your dreams with solutions, divine direction and ideas. Your creative mind is busy while you’re sleeping, and music can truly be like a spiritual vitamin. Some examples of spiritual music from the harp, Hymns for Healing, are available at



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