Emotions are Brought Out Through Music for All Ages

All ages sing “Happy Birthday,” and experience connection and joy. As an adult, whether you’re a parent, grandparent aunt, uncle or friend, try listening to music with a child or teenager. You’ll be surprised how this creates a bond and leads to some interesting conversations.

Grandfather Makes Up Rap Songs for his Grandchildren

A good example of music connecting generations as well as cultures is Bhagwan Mirchandani, a father and grandfather who grew up in India.¬† Bhagwan noticed his children and grandhildren listening to rap music. They insisted it was great music, so he eventually decided to try listening to some of the rap music, choosing songs with positive clean language. He enjoyed this “teenagers” music, and began making up music himself from a conversation. His grandchildren were very happy to have such an open-minded grandfather!

Use Music for Multi-Generational Sharing

РStart playing and singing  music at an early age. Expose children to many kinds of music.
-Try listening to some music that you’re not used to hearing. You might like it! At least you’ll have an idea what kind of music the younger generation likes, and this will help you relate to them.
-Take your family to hear all kinds of music. You will have something in common and you will all learn to appreciate many varieties of music.

Music Crosses Age Barriers

Each generation has its preferences for music, all ages enjoy some of the same music. Brahm’s Lullaby is used for babies and young children, but many adults use it to cure insomnia. All of us can remember hearing certain songs from the “golden ages” of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, no matter what our age. When I play an old favorite on my harp in a retirement home, the eyes of those who know the song light up.
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