Love Inspires Musical Composition

It’s no accident that so much music, from country music to operas, is about love.  The lyrics to country music songs often have a theme about the composer’s awesome partner or the loss of a love.  Well-known, beautiful classical music like Mozart’s “Concerto for Clarinet in A Major, 2nd Movement,” and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik may turn your heart to thoughts of love. Ravel’s “Bolero” is a sensual classical favorite that can put you in the mood for romantic love.   Many classical composers wrote music especially for their lovers.  In 1810 Beethoven wrote “Für Elise” and noted that it was for his immortal beloved.  There is some debate as to whether it was written for the woman he was in love with at that time, Therese Malfatti, or for his long-time lover, Therese van Brunswick.  It’s also unknown whether Elise was a nickname for Therese or whether the publisher misread Beethoven’s handwriting.  We will probably never know which of these women (if either one)  inspired him and earned the title of his “immortal beloved.”

Music Plays a Role in Romance

Charles Darwin, in The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, stated that the need to find a mate was the pressing requirement of evolution.  He then suggested that, among humans, music played an important role in sexual selection.  Music can powerfully intensify and move your feelings, emotions and intellect all at once.   When you attend a Broadway show or romantic movie that stirs your emotions, be sure to get the soundtrack.  If you hear your partner say, “Oh, I love that song,” download that song or buy a CD with that song included. Listen to some romantic harp music at

What are some of your favorite love songs?




  1. I completely agree with your thoughts about aquiring music that my partner likes. She often has a better judgement of music than I and by sharing her music with me I feel more connected to her. Music really does bring us closer together in mind, body, and spirit. Music definately intensifies my feeilings and emotions and there is no one I would rather share these with than my partner.

  2. Yes, music teaches us how to listen in many ways!

  3. So true that the music playing stirs those romantic feelings. That’s why so many couples have a song that they consider “their song”! They hear it and it reminds them of a special time and evokes feelings of love or romance.

  4. I’d love to hear from couples: What is your song?