Music Brings Hope for Peace

Often musicians can bring unity to people worldwide with a musical concert to benefit a charitable cause or raise funds to aid victims of a catastrophe—like the concerts organized immediately following the destruction of New York’s Twin Towers on 9-11.  Even if the language isn’t understood, people everywhere can share the emotions, feelings, memories, joy or sadness inspired by the music. As the notes and harmonies reverberate through our bodies, the shared feelings allow us to know that we are not alone but are connected.

Political views in the United States can sometimes be set aside with the presence of music. People from the far left and far right often share their love of certain music, and in their hearts they all want peace. Listening to that music together may sometimes reveal mutual understanding and allow communications to open.

We all seem to be aligned on a higher consciousness level with certain rhythms and melodies. Sound and vibration affect us, and certain music brings up similar emotions in everyone, no matter what language we speak.

Taliban supporters and other extreme Islamic groups feel threatened by music and consider music to be their enemy. Music-related shops, DVD and CD shops have been banned and have been the target of militants’ bombs. And yet, the arts and music have never been suppressed despite such efforts as these. Even in those places, the power and resilience of music, with its potential for healing, lives on.

The song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” has been translated into many languages. Those who are familiar with the song only have to hear the melody to feel that there is hope for peace.

I want to share with you here my harp recording of “Let There Be Peace on Earth,”  please click the link to listen.

You can download this track from my album at Amazon, iTunes, and Rhapsody.  The entire CD, “Healing from the Harp” is available at, where you can hear samples of all the music on the CD.



  1. Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

  3. What a beautiful piece of music that is on the harp, it really is very relaxing.

    Music has a wonderful influence on the mind. I’m currently learning to read and play myself and it serves to be wonderful stress relief.

    I’m very fortunate to have a very gifted young son who can read music and is teaching me to do the same, whilst playing the keyboard.

    I’ve already learnt to play around 4 or 5 songs now without looking at the sheet music and I’ve only been learning for just over 3 weeks.

    Remaining committed to continual practice seems to be key to retention as well as continual repitition and re-capping on previous learning exercises.

  4. I’m sure the rapport you and your son have is enhanced by the sharing of music. You’re both fortunate. Yes, consistent practice is what it takes to progress. Congratulations and keep up the work!

  5. Will try for sure

  6. Yes, if we all try it may lead to peace. Music can definitely help to unite us.