Playing a Musical Instrument Relieves Stress

Relax with Music by Playing an Instrument

I recently went to a coffee shop to take a break from my work. Sitting nearby me was a young man strumming on his guitar with his eyes closed. He looked very relaxed as if he was in another world. Just observing and listening to him put me in a relaxed state.  It reminded me of how often I use music to relax by playing my harp or piano.  We all have times when we want to forget about our daily challenges, and music is a quick way to do that. When your life seems hectic and stressful, you can pick up a musical instrument or sing to calm your mind and body.  Making music releases endorphins in your brain which results in lower levels of stress.  If you don’t already play an instrument, you can get an inexpensive drum, making up rhythmic patterns as you release tension. Beating on a drum either by yourself or in a drumming circle is a wonderful way to relax.   Take some time to make music and forget your daily worries.

Singing Relieves Stress 

Your voice is your natural instrument, and it’s another wonderful way to relax.  Singing can change your mood very quickly, whether you’re a trained singer or just love to sing.  You can sing or hum along with instrumental music.  You can sing all by yourself as you walk around the house or outdoors.  You can sing with a chorus or choir.  The possibilities are endless, and they all help you relax.

Music Helps Stimulate the Immune System

Music and creativity both help us release the part of ourselves that gets enmeshed with our everyday work and the stress of life.  We spend a lot of time trying to get something accomplished or being on a schedule, but music is an end destination, almost meditative. You can be immersed in the moment instead of thinking about what needs to be done today, next week or next year. Music leads to relaxation, which gives the immune system a boost, and this leads to better health.

Six Ways to Use Music for Relaxation

1. If you know how to play an instrument, pick it up and play some of your favorite songs or pieces.

2. Improvise, playing whatever comes to mind.  Try matching the music to your mood with  tempo and color.  Now try changing the tempo of the music to the mood you want.

3. If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument, check out teachers and the cost of the instrument.  It’s never too late to begin.

4. Join a chorus or choir to experience the combined beauty and energy of many voices.

5. Sing or hum along with some recorded music.

6. Immerse yourself in the music and forget about everything else for a while.  Even if it’s only for a short time, you’ll end up more relaxed with renewed energy.







  1. Great reminder that singing in the shower, or anywhere for that matter, is actually good for us.

  2. No wonder so many people like to sing in the shower. It’s relaxing – and fun!

  3. down hier a text about a special way about learning to play a new instrument:

    We’ve seen time and time again, that the Mulatar is an easily approachable instrument also for beginners. Its flexibility allows playful experiments and each player finds their own way. This is a key concept and benefit of playing the Mulatar: there are no explicit techniques or ways of playing, which is sadly not the case with many music instruments. A guitar, for example has a widely recognized sound and playing style, and this is clear to all even before they pick one up. Consequently, often is the case that when these expectations aren’t met, i.e. it doesn’t sound as expected or the learner can’t play it as intended, the learner soon loses interest. The Mulatar is different in the way that every sound combination has a positive effect on the learner, which also could lend itself to therapeutic purposes, music therapy for example.

    Another common use is to accompany meditation. The Mulatar’s timbre is full, it floats and hovers and relaxes through it’s purity. When played on one’s lap, the soundwaves flow through the body towards and along the chakras, creating a relaxing and earthly effect.

  4. This sounds like a fascinating instrument.

  5. i overcome stress through eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and see to eat to also have plenty of sleep. But this article is awesome too and i think the author is correct music can really relieve stress.

  6. Playing musical instruments can be very relaxing….However, there are some cases when a new piece of music requires much effort and determination that I sometimes feel not relaxed….But if I play just for the playing, I do feel happy… I also am very happy when I get to finish a difficult piece ;D

  7. I agree. Often we have plenty of new things to learn – not just music but in every way.

  8. personaly I believe that playing an insturment is relaxing I play the Cello so it enables my ability to work with what I am stressed with normally I either play a calming peice or an agressive peice it really helps or you can dish it out on other people by beating them up either way it works and singing is alright it has its moments

  9. I agree. You’re lucky that you can play the cello. It’s such a beautiful and relaxing instrument.