Oliver Sacks, M.D., author of Musicophilia and other books, became interested in music after he saved his own life because of a song.  He had severely injured one of his legs while mountain climbing, back before there were cell phones.  As he pushed his way down the side of the mountain using his elbows, the “Song of the Volga Boatmen” came to his mind.  He would do a big “heave” and a “ho” motion with each beat in the song.  Sacks continued using music along with traditional medical treatment for most of his patients.

Get in Sync with the Music

The rhythm or beat of music stimulates your body and mind. Beautiful music performed with feeling can affect your emotions and make you cry, laugh, smile, or relax. When you hear harmonious music, the vibrations travel throughout your body, affecting your digestion, circulation, heart rate, breathing, nutrition and the neural networks of your brain (which in turn affect your emotions). 80 percent of stimuli come through our ears, which affects the brain and the rest of the body. You probably already choose music to match the mood or energy level you want – enjoyable upbeat music to give you more energy for exercising or daily activities, slower, more subdued music for relaxing. Being aware of the power of music and choosing your music carefully can have huge benefits. Who knows, maybe you’ll use a song to save your life, too!

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