I Call Music “A Spiritual Vitamin.”

The dictionary defines music as “a composition of rhythmical, melodic, harmonic sounds.” Music can also be defined as the result of our conscious development of sound into an art and a science. Goethe called architecture “petrified music.” I call music “a spiritual vitamin” or, simply, “a miracle.”

Music is Vibration, Energy and Sound Waves.

Music is the most direct of the fine arts; the harmony of the universe is attracted to the harmony of the music.  Music, which is composed of vibration, energy and sound waves, surrounds us.  The universe is a complete harmony of many sounds – many lives and energy vibrating together as they fill the silence.  All this energy can end up as harmony or as noisy discord, dissonance or disharmony.  The music we choose to listen to contributes to our energy, mood and state of health.

The Five Variations in Music that Affect Your State of Being

You need to be aware of five general variations in music that have the power to change your health, mood, and energy level.

  1. Tempo: the speed of the music; fast, moderate or slow.
  2. Dynamics: the volume of the music; loud or soft.
  3. Pitch: the frequency of the music; high or low.
  4. Timbre: the tone or color of the particular instrument or voice.
  5. Style: classical, romantic, jazz, Celtic, pop.

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