Our Own Vibrations (brain waves, heartbeat, breath) Get In Sync With Music.

Everything in existence – atoms, molecules, cells, the entire universe – and, yes, music – is in a state of continuous vibration. Everything vibrates at a particular frequency. We have the power to manipulate and control energy through the vibrations of music. With music, rhythm, pulse, melody, pitch, harmony and different instruments all contribute to this universal energy. If you want to relax and slow down, listen or play slower harmonic music. If you need a little more energy, brighter, happier music will help to speed up your metabolism.

Music Sets the Mood in Movies or Television Shows.

The next time you watch a movie or television show, pay close attention to the music playing in the background. The choice of music is very deliberate, designed to evoke a certain mood or emotion. I often have someone come up to me after I play a certain piece and ask what movie it was from. The music brings back memories of the movie; they’re woven together in the person’s mind.

Choose Music That Matches The State of Being You Desire.

Would you like more energy; do you want to relax, to meditate, to learn something new, to get in touch with nature? Often the music you enjoy and choose is subconsciously what you need anyway!

Suggestions for Choosing Your Music

*For Energy and to Clear Your Head – 125-130 beats per minute
Louder music with a quick beat and higher pitch helps to rev up your brain and metabolism – getting you in sync with the music.

*For Learning, Concentration and Motivation – 115-120 beats per minute
Listen to music that is moderate in tempo, dynamics and pitch, and has no lyrics. Great for studying and focusing.

   *For Relaxation – 60-80 beats per minute
Slow-tempo, soothing, mellow music entices you to slow down. Perfect for getting to sleep, getting ready to meditate, unwinding.

If you’re in the mood to relax, listen to some soothing harp music.


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