All About Vibration

The definition of “vibrate” is to move backward and forward, to oscillate, to shake, to quiver. Everything is in a constant state of vibration, from the tiny electron to the vast universe. To understand the concept of vibration, hold one arm straight out in front of you, completely still. You may not notice the movement of that arm, but under a microscope you would see that the electrons that make up the arm are moving (vibrating) at the rate of approximately 186,300 miles per second. By shaking your arm you increase the frequency (speed) of the vibration.

Your Thoughts Are Also Vibrations.

When you have certain beliefs and thoughts, your brain sends off electromagnetic waves. Your body soon is resonating to the same vibrations. Some people have rigid auras (fields of energy) and don’t exchange energy freely. Those who have energy fields that are more resonant and harmonious find it easier to interact with others. This is why you are attracted to some people and not others.

The Vibration of Music Has a Profound Effect on Your State of Being.

Music produces a wide range of frequencies from low to high. The timbre and tonal quality vary widely, depending upon the instrument. The pulse or rhythm can vary from extremely slow to very fast. All this has an extreme effect on your aura or state of being.

Your Choice of Thoughts, Companions and Music Affect Your Well Being.

Trust your intuition if you are getting bad vibes from certain music or individuals (or groups). Simply change what you’re listening to or performing. Avoid people who seem to disturb your aura or energy, and choose those you feel in harmony with. There are times when you can’t control either the music or your companions. For those times simply breathe deeply and imagine a protective aura surrounding you.

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